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1994. frail, surrounded by children and grandchildren. but he is family to many in south africa. the father of the nation. nelson mandela was born in 1918, raised by african nobility and set up south africa's first black law form. he joined congress and campaigned campaigned for non- violent resistance. in 1960 police opened fire on black protesters. 69 people, including 10 children were dead. it pushed the anc to armed struggle. >> i feel that it is useless for us to continue talking peace and non-violence against a government -- >> the anc was outlawed and in 1964 nelson mandela was sentenced to life in prison, convicted of attempting to over
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throw the government. he became a symbol of resistance. after 27 years he was released in 1990. and emerged as the face of the anti-apartheid movement. four months later he appeared before a standing room only crowd at the oakland coliseum. >> it is you, the people of oakland, the people of the bay area who have given me and my delegation strength and hope. >> free man nelson mandela stepped into negotiations to bring democracy to south africa. in 1993 honored with the noble peace prize. a year later nelson mandela
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became south africa's first black president. >> never, and never again should it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another. let freedom ring. >> nelson former south african president nelson mandela born in 1918 died today 2013. our coverage continues at 6:00 p.m. talking with local officials about the impact he had on the bay area. now to our weather alert. another night of low temperatures here in the bay area. the morning was cold with frost and black ice greeting people as they got up and the big chill isn't over. we have team coverage. ktvu's john fowler but we begin with our chief meteorologist
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bill martin. there were records today. >> yeah. couple records, san francisco tied, san jose tied. look at the over night lows. pleasanton 22 degrees. san ramon 21. san francisco, this is shocking, san francisco zoo 31 degrees. by the ocean. that is unusually cold. check this out. napa 16 degrees this morning. that ties a record. they went 12 hours below freezing. that is a big deal. last night's temperatures were below freezing for 12 hours. that will happen again tonight. the story will be for continued very cold temperatures. numbers right now in the low 40s. the freeze warning for the bay area, except san francisco. i will talk about that. the timing of the next rainfall that could bring snow and how
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low the snow levels could be. >> our team coverage continues with john fowler where the cold caused problems throughout the day. john? >> reporter: no problems right now. it is hat and glove weathers. for these people, skaters. the annual ice skating event here. now the temperatures good for the surface, keep the edges good and hard. but many people told us the frusty conditions are making life -- frosty conditions are making life hard. >> freezing. >> reporter: you can expect a repeat of the hard freeze. a few pipes burst making sidewalks dangerous. >> my car was covered in frost and the ground outside was all icy. i slid around on it. >> reporter: we found nurseries covered their plants, you should too again tonight. one thing people may not think
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about is outdoor hoses. open the nozzles, turns off the spigot. >> i don't want this turned off in this weather. >> she opened early. she called it brutal. >> heater on, candles lit. it was cold. >> reporter: he had to dig deep into her closet. >> long underwear. double jacket. really cold. >> reporter: one broken pipe created black ice near the b.a.r.t. station. coming up at 6:00 p.m., an amazing coincidence that may have saved one driver some serious injuries. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> crews in san jose and oakland are de-icing planes because of temperatures. this is san jose airport where they de-iced the first several
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planes this morning. a crisis. one day after 700 people were stuck in a smoky b.a.r.t. train, the board of directors met today. what happened yesterday is one of many major issues, and ktvu's john sasaki joins us live and says b.a.r.t. is becoming a four letter word. >> reporter: this is where all the riders ended up yesterday after they came out of the tunnel. we learned more about what happened and what they are calling the crisis of confidence. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. had 2 strikes, two worker deaths, a train fire and then yesterday. >> i apologize for putting the bay area through this. >> the train came to a stop after a short circuit caused a parking break to engage. it was delayed for an hour
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because the operator didn't know how to disengage the breaks. >> it is rare to deal with this kind of a problem. >> the incident and how to avoid a repeat was a topic at today's meeting. >> we will provide visual instructions for the operators on board the car if they have to cut out a parking break. >> reporter: they are folkesced on the contract for two of the -- focused on the contract for two of the b.a.r.t. unions. the unions are suing. >> getting together to figure out thew -- how to bring this to a resolution. >> the district is on the hot seat. >> b.a.r.t. is suffering a crisis of confidence but i am pretty sure that the basic components that made b.a.r.t. one of the top transit agents
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are still -- agencies are still there. >> reporter: some cars filled with break smoke, that happened because the air intakes are behind it breaks. they will be moved in the new cars that b.a.r.t. is buying. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. five years after the police shooting of oscar grant b.a.r.t. police are getting high parks for reforms. the results of a performance audit were released today. they made progress from one that was dysfunctional to now one that is based on professionalism and accountability. >> they exceeded expectations on what it takes to conduct a police agency. so there is a lot for the b.a.r.t. board and the bay area transit district to feel good about. >> a 2009 audit had described
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the agency as hobbled by policies, poor over sight and infish raining of officer -- if sufficient training of officers. but they say there is still more work to be done. amber alert for a missing washington girl. she 14 years old. she was last seen getting into the car of the man on the right. she 19 years old. the suspect was last scene driving this car, a 2000 green ford escape with temporary plates. they believe the two could be heading to mexico. aircraft joined the search today for a missing plane. it lost radio contact on sunday over idaho. clear skies helped with the search but the rural area presents a challenge. a weak signal was detected
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tuesday but they haven't been able to pinpoint the plane's location. dale smith was piloting the plane. thousands of fast food workers spent this day protesting their low pay. ktvu's robert handa is live where they are demanding a 30% raise. >> reporter: there were 100 protests scheduled across the country, but the target is the fast food industry and what protesters called the slow response to worker needs. [ singing ] >> reporter: they did not give mcdonalds break today, picking this restaurant tostage their demonstration -- to stage their
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demtrations in their movement -- demonstration in their movement. one reason they wanted to protest here is because community groups got the city toraise its minimum wage to $10 -- to raise its minimum wage to $10. protesters say it was a break through but didn't solve problems. >> rents are high. the food costs is high. medical costs. >> reporter: one worker started at minimum wage 5 years ago and still makes below $15 an hour. >> if you have kids that is not enough. >> reporter: there were other protests today. mcdonalds said mcdonalds offers worker advancement, competitive pay and benefits and e. -- the national restaurant association said doubling the minimum wage ignores the economics of
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running a restaurant and would make it impossible for restaurants continue their role as major job creator. protesters say the fast food is just the first target. >> fast food workers struggling. grocery workers who are struggling. >> reporter: california will raise minimum wage to $9 by next year. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news now from contra costa county. people are told to stay indoors because of a gas leak. the leak is at k2 pure solutions. it is a chemical company in pittsburg. there is a problem with a
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chlorine tank. workers are trying to fix the problem. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. over the next few hours it is possible, possible that the tank could leak so they want people to stay inside, keep your windows and doors closed and if you have a respiratory condition get out of the area, anyone within one mile of that spot in pittsburg. this is breaking news here from pittsburg. we are working to get more information. as we do we will bring it to you. a loaded shotgun brought on campus. frightening moments at a san francisco school after a student brought a loaded shotgun to school. why students and parents say the school didn't do enough. >> businesses having to pay to get their names back, people came out to talk to us. 2 investigates the problem and how businesses are dealing with the ultimatum and a new lead in a homicide case, how a tragedy
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that rocked the police force helped lead to the break in the case. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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new at 5:00 p.m. a huge break in a homicide case cold for two decades but it was recent tragedy that inspires detectives to take second look. the lead detective was la belle tective -- was butch baker. ktvu's mike mibach is live with the latest attached to this case. mike? >> reporter: it is a big ace and a cold case, one that dates back 20 years ago. it was down the road here where a police detective arrived at
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the crime scene. a case he never solved but his fellow detectives say in honor of him they will. >> reporter: we start this tale, january 29, 1994. santa cruz pogonip park, here, west of these tracks off a trail where a body was found by two hikers. >> 50 feet off of a trail when they discovered the body. >> teen who was bludgeoned to death. she became known as pogonip jane. the lead detective butch baker, scene here at the crime scene. >> this bothered him and haunted him. >> reporter: he said butch baker wanted to find the killer and never gave up but the case went colds. years went by. and then february 26 of this
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year. butch baker and elizabeth butler were killed in the line of duty. 10 months later -- >> one of those things that you really -- you want to do it for him. >> reporter: soon a break. he notified the family, a relative handed over a finger print card, and that was it. a match. pogonip jane is identified as 17-year-old cory lumaster -- lamaster. a known run away. >> he would be doing that lean telling me you are not going to believe it, we have a match. >> he would be really proud. >> reporter: police say the family had mixed reaction about the i.d. while they have a sense of closure they want the killer to be found and police are trying to finish what butch baker
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started 20 years ago. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. police shot and killed a man wanted for attempted murder after a high-speed chase that ended on interstate 5. california highway patrol began chasing the suspect after a license plate check showed a warrant for his arrest. he was accused of stabbing a woman. officers say his car became disabled and when he refused to put down a knife they opened fire. bill bratton was introduced today as new york city's new police commissioner. the same job he held in the 1990s. the announcement was made by the mayor elect who said bill bratton reflects his goal of protecting new yorkers.
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>> i promise to you that as the next police commissioner of the city of new york the goals will be simple, to maintain the low crime rates we have come to expect and have a right taexpecting to to -- to expect. we have been talking about the extreme cold. bill, you would think everybody would be prepared but still people caught off guard. >> we don't see it that kind of cold where temperatures got into the freezing level in big cities. that doesn't happen much. we had numerous records. san francisco tied a record, 40 degrees was the over night low. that is a big deal. records in san francisco go way back. san jose today, 29. oakland airport broke a record, mountain view, and santa cruz as well. so very cold and it will be
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cold again tonight and you know that because all you got to do is look at the current numbers. they are running cooler than last night at this time. a degree or two cooler. sets you off. colder tonight than last -- well, about the same. about the same or warmer. but you are not going to notice it. 2 or 3 degrees warmer. not noticeable. beautiful night tonight. no fog. light winds and the freeze warning. over night lows, 28 concord. 29 pittsburg. 32 in martinez. 27 danville. well below freezing and not a hard freeze warning but clayton, forestville, hard freeze. numerous hours below freezing. 32 sunnyvale, 40 san francisco. daily city 39.
5:22 pm
menlow park 30 degrees. highs tomorrow upper 40s. couple low 50s. tomorrow like today. right? a lot of frost this morning. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, when i come back next we will talk about this event friday night into saturday morning. it will drop snow on low bay area peaks. we will talk about that, very interesting weather pattern. very cold and now a wet cold. >> thank you. a new partnership between levi stadium and a famous name and capitol hill takes on the war on christmas and why one lawmaker is asking why aren't we focused on more important issues. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank >> julie -- julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> firefighters force their way into a home, the effort to
5:23 pm
rescue two residents and their dogs. >> two girls, one school, both diagnosed with cancer, the story about how the community is coming together. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. ♪ ♪ looks like you started to make something.
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♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love.
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no budget resolution, no farm deal, but the house of representatives did leave for a long weekend today after agreeing to end a war on
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christmas. >> i never realized you weren't supposed to do that. >> members of congress were not allowed to wish you a happy christmas in official letters. the house approved a rule saying it is okay to include a specific holiday greeting in letters to constituents. some wonder with the long to-do list why congress isn't focused on more important things. >> right now it is small ball. like we are just inching forward with all the running plays and i just want to-- just want to throw balls. >> this current congress is on track to go down as one of the most unproductive in history. this year congress has enacted just 44 laws, below the average of 70. frightening moments on a bay area school campus. >> a shotgun is found at his high school. why some parents are update
5:27 pm
about what the school did next. >> fighting back against government snooping. what microsoft announced today aimed at keeping big brother at bay. )!)a$v)ttttqtt$dt$$p7[8 ñsxóxgñ
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00 p.m. frightening moments at school in san francisco after a about to brought a loaded gun and extra ammunition -- after a student brought a loaded gun and extra ammunition. no one was hurt and the student is arrested. ktvu's david stevenson tells us parents are angry because they didn't hear about what happened till two days later. >> reporter: while school administers tried to reassure the communities, the parents tell us the school waited too long to let them know what happened. >> reporter: parents and student learned of a gun on campus incident that took place two days ago. >> by the time i found out was this morning. no one told anybody. >> two days later you get a voicemail. i am like what? wow! >> staffer discovered a shot --
5:31 pm
discovered a shotgun inside a unattended back pack. a student admitted bringing the gun to school and he was arrested. >> we don't have information at this point that was his intention. at this time we believe he brought it for his own intention. >> the school did not need to be locked down. >> he was calm. that is how i would characterize him. no way was he upset or angry. >> reporter: a letter says no other students were involved and that student safety is a top priority. some parents said the school should have shared that information immediately. >> what happened the next day? what happened this won't happen again? >> reporter: police say they have interviewed the teen's parent and are doing a weapons check to trace the gun.
5:32 pm
officials did not return our calls today. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. returning now to breaking news in contra costa county. people are told to stay indoors averages leak at k2 pure solutions. solutions -- after a gas leak at k2 pure solutions. it is possible the tank could leak so they want people to stay inside, keep the doors and windows closed and if you have a respiratory condition you may want toconsider leaving the area -- to consider leaving the area. people gearing up for the possibility of heavy snow this weekend that could reach elevations lower than normal. caltrans was testing their new
5:33 pm
two plow. business owners are stocking up. some got their generators worried. for a lot of us it feels like it, you have been tracking the cold. >> it is very cold. the snow levels we will see into friday night, saturday morning will boo down there. in the mean time we have a freeze warning. temperatures in the north bay into the low 20s. very low 20s. the rest of the bay area, around the bay, 30s. freezing. you will see frost in many windshields tomorrow. 45 santa rosa. cooler than last night. here is the deal, tonight is a repeat of last night. could see more records tomorrow morning. it is going to be cold friday morning. when i back the next weather system that could bring snow and rain. >> thank you. >> go to for more on the cold snap, including a
5:34 pm
forecast in the area where you live. look for the weather link. most of the people displaced by apartment fire are back home tonight. it started after 4:30 a.m. this morning. 50 people had to be evacuated from the building and a red cross shelter was set up at the school. the cause is under investigation but it is believed to have started in the wall of an apartment. >> when i opened the door to my bath room the fire came out. came out and i closed the door again and take my family out. >> the fire department said two people were injured. one complained of chest pain. family and friends gathered in san jose where a 17-year-old died tuesday night.
5:35 pm
a car hit him tuesday. a memorial has been growing. >> too hard to take. just my little boy, my baby brother. i can't believe it. it is hard. >> it is the 25th death involving a pedestrian. the highest number san jose had in 8 years. san francisco police are looking for a driver who hit a pedestrian and sped away at 2:45 a.m. the victim is in his 20s and was taken to san francisco general hospital with head injuries. officers are looking for a black or blue four door sedan with damage to the front passenger side. how do you feel about the job law makers are doing in sacramento? the opinion of many californians is mixed. nearly as many voters approve as disapprove of the job they are doing.
5:36 pm
and that is an improvement when compared to previous poles. the pole asked for an opinion on the direction the state is heading. about as many believe the state is moving in the right direction as feel it is on the wrong track. the national transportation safety board is preparing for a hearing into the plane crash at san francisco international airport. they released the agenda for the hearing. several people are expected to testify. faa representatives and officials from boeing and asiana airlines are listed as witnesses. today oakland police department and mayor honored the man credited with coming to the aid of sasha fleischman who was set on fire last month. he was given the commendation and a proclamation. police say he rushed to sasha
5:37 pm
fleischman who was at the back of the bus when another teen set sasha fleischman's skirt on fire. she credited with helping to put out the fire. small local businesses strip of their identities. >> i am feeling like the mafia sent me a letter. >> how a $7 fee is causing hundreds of dollars worth of problems. >> a home coming, how a pet missing for three years makes its way back home. >> efforts to rescue a pot of whales turn said desperate tonight. the progress being made to save dozens of pilot whales.
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progress in efforts to save stranded whales in florida. officials say 3 dozen whales are swimming towards deeper water. many turned back towards shore where some beached themselves. 11 whales died since the pod was spotted on tuesday. officials say they like to stick together and may turn towards shore again. salmon are being spotted in creek wheres they haven't been seen in years. this is the first time in 5 years king salmon returned to the water shed. 10 fish and 8 fish nests have
5:41 pm
been spotted. the numbers aren't great but officials say it is a hopeful sign the fish will be accompanied by a strong run of federally endangered salmon. microsoft is fighting back. they announced new privacy security today. expanded encryption of data that is turned on by default. some changes took effect immediately. others will be active by the end of next year. twitter named a woman it the board of directer for the first time. she joins the bird immediately. the former ceo of pearson. in the past twitter has been criticized for the lack of diversity. a new twist on giving the gift of health this holiday season plus -- >> a rash of home burglaries in this neighborhood, why police
5:42 pm
think it is the work of the same person. >> ready for batkid the squel? the reason why miles scott is returning this weekend to san francisco. >> i showed you the record low temperatures we had around here. when i come back, we will go out to the next weather system that will bring rain and a chance of snow.
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[ singing ] happening now, a live look at south africa, crowds have been gathering since news broke that former south african president nelson mandela died. nelson mandela was a revolutionary and one of the most celebrated political prisoners. he died at the age of 95. rash of home burglaries in one neighborhood and police believe the same person a teen was involved. it happened in the birds in
5:46 pm
hercules. ktvu's cara liu is live with more on what is going on there. >> reporter: everyone heard about the burglaries and look at this. one of the victims put up flyers around the neighborhood listing some of the items stolen from his home. a wallet, a watch, xboxs and ipods. they have seen a rash of home burglaries. 8 in all according it police. investigators say in all the cases they found pry marks. the crimes happened between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. while no one was home. >> all happened during the day which is very unusual. somebody is watching, somebody is aware. somebody that is not working alone because they are taking televisions and computers. >> reporter: in one case police
5:47 pm
responding to an alarm saw the suspect leaving but the person escaped. and saturday investigators say a family came home while the suspect was inside the house. the suspect escaped and no one was hurt. police believe the same person about 15 or 16 years old is responsible. if you have information you are asked to call police. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. are you looking for a 50 idea for a young adult? covered california is suggesting give them health insurance. people can pledge to cover the costs for someone else. they need to sign up as many people as they can to off set the costs to older customers. get ready for batkid the squel. miles scott is back in san francisco this saturday. he is a leukemia survivor and he is taking part in a
5:48 pm
fundraiser for the make-a-wish foundation. they got the whole ball rolling for the extravaganza. batkid will lead a 5k walk that starts at 8:30 a.m. saturday morning. two young students from one school battling cancer at the same time. ahead at 6:00 p.m. the efforts the school went to help the patients. making special deliveries. they are teaming up to deliver christmas trees till 8:00 p.m. tonight. a one day offer through the smartphone app. they go for $135 each while supplies last. they celebrated national cat day last month. officials are urging people to be careful when they put up
5:49 pm
decorations. the number of injuries has grown from 12,000 in 2009 to 15,000 last year. many of the injuries are due to people from falling or drinking too much while decorating and hurting themselves. let's talk about our weather now. another cold day here. we set records too. quite a few. i will show the records again at 6:00 p.m. coming up. but it was cold. it will be cold again tomorrow. freeze warning goes into effect. it is cold, chillier right now. that gives you the heads up. outside it is going to be freezing tonight for much of the bay area, except for san francisco. here comes the low snow levels. friday night, saturday morning. rain and when you got that much moisture that close to the cold air we have in place you will
5:50 pm
find snow in funny places. in valleys you wouldn't expect. over night lows 28 in concord. 29 pittsburg. 30 antioch. 6:00 p.m. i will stop on the north bay. 27 in walnut creek. these are over night forecasts. i have a bunch of them. it is a big deal. right? freeze warning for the bay area. excluding san francisco. we had 31 degrees at -- near the zoo today. off the water there. less than a block from ocean beach and temperatures that are below freezing. this is the system. it will warm us up a little bit. tomorrow same drill. this deal goes through. a chance for low snow levels in the bay area. winter weather advisory in effect.
5:51 pm
the north bay, anybody above 1800 feet look for snow flurries into friday night, saturday morning. the forecast over night lows are going to be similar to last night. maybe warmer. day time highs similar to today. next 24 hours a repeat of what we had. friday night into saturday morning, when i said about snow in unusual places, cold air gets trapped in the valleys, and we could see snow flurries in low elevations. friday night and saturday morning. missing for three years, a family pet is reunited with its owners. >> this store has been in business for 40 years but for $7 one man wants to take their name away unless they pay
5:52 pm
hundreds. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> trying to track down two people while their home burned around them. >> looked so frail. >> the unlikely hero aided the rescue of two residents and their dog. >> she is doing pretty good. but she is in a lot of pain. >> two girls diagnosed with cancer at the same time. how their cause rallied one community to raise tens of thousands of dollars. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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news that a family never expected to hear about a cat they lost three years ago. >> good boy. >> with that today she held her cat for the first time since they moved from san jose. the cat got scared and ran off and ended up living as a stray for three years. but a new family moved into the neighborhood and they found the cat and took him to the shelter where he was identified by a microchip. >> so funny that my cat just passed away last month and my daughter became attached to her and i asked her you need to find my daughter's cat.
5:56 pm
my daughter is going to be devastated and sure enough got a call. as congress tries to come up with a new budget a group said it found 65 place wheres cuts could be made. the market access program is among them. it gives money to businesses so that they could advertise over seas. the california wine institute collected $60 million over the past decade and that winery owners used tax money to advertise and travel to foreign counties. congress is hoping to come up with a budget next week. authorities unsealed a indictment against a couple accusing them to sell cars leased here to customers in asia. it charges them of two dozen counts. the charges include conspiracy
5:57 pm
to commit wire fraud, money laundering and identity theft. tonight 2 2 investigates. we connected with more small business owners, owners who received letters to pay hundreds of dollars to keep their business names. ktvu's tom vacar continues his investigation into fbn brokers and the owner mark smith. >> reporter: we found more businesses, all sent envelopes containing letters immediately demanding hundreds of dollars from business owners whose business name registrations expired. the letter sender fnb brokers registered the business in their name. >> i am going to fight it and keep my name. this store had to go through
5:58 pm
something like this 20 years ago. >> reporter: they range from small businesses to big targets. some owners already paid but most were skeptical to send their money to this po box. >> having a strong arm structure of pay real quick or it will go up. the vibe was this is a shake down. >> i am feeling like the mafia sent me a letter. >> someone trying to get you to react before you can have it checked out. i was going to have somebody look at it to see if it was real. >> reporter: one man says he will not pay even though the letter warns -- >> he will take the name and sell it to someone else. they can't do that. >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> because the name is not registered to the business. the name is registered to me.
5:59 pm
>> people shouldn't be allowed to shake down businesses when there is no real -- they have no involvement in it. >> the danger for small business is this practice could spread like wildfire and that is why our investigation will continue. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. the cold snap is creating problems. we are tracking the freezing temperatures and telling you how to stay safe. plus -- >> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost their father. >> we take a look at the impact nelson mandela had right here in the bay area from half a world away. >> a heart breaking coincidence, two girls diagnosed with cancer, what happened next may move you even
6:00 pm
more. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a warning tonight to be careful cautious. icy conditions are expected tonight and that could mean more black ice and broken pipes. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the deep freeze created dangerous situations in the bay area. ktvu's john fowler is live with the icy impact. john? >> reporter: that's right. anytime it gets this cold it gets icy on the roads. cise great for the skaters but what if it is under your tires? that is some of the problems people encountered. >> freezing and i am upset because my trees are going by the weigh side. >> reporter: they can expect a repeat of the hard freeze. a few pipes burst making sidewalks dangerous.

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